Friday, June 27, 2008

Isnt it a little late?

I have a small programme to present tomorrow, its 11.24 pm now. I haven't put more than a three lines onto paper.

The "hot" question

The company that I've been recruited into tentatively expects me to join them early next year in 2009. And as the word spreads around, there is the one HOT question thats started doing the rounds as well, "What will you do in the next six months?"

I really do appreciate the concern that people around have for me, but the range of their reactions is quite interesting. So much so, quite a few of my relatives jumped to decisions.."..... Learn to manage the house..."; ".... you're too relaxed about life...."; ".... what will you do here, come with me to xyz country..."

Acquaintances from college were like "... oh havent you joined a course yet?";"...... OMIGOSH!! look for some other job right away.....";

These are some reactions....
I just smiled at all of them. Strange are the ways in which people react to the same thing. And it does take so many people to make up the whole world, isnt it?

Silly power cuts and whimsical internet connections

The power supply in the city, particularly in and around velachery, medavakkam and tambaram has been worse than even the moodiest girlfriends(no offence to non singles!!) ever. And with the internet connection adding the icing to the cake, it has made it virtually impossible for me to post anything on my blog.

today, almost miraculously, i have been able to login into Blogger, so i thought it best to type something to make up for all the lost days.

anyway, past is past, So here I am. Back on my saddle.