Monday, August 10, 2015

Indiblogger Pune Meet and Greet August 2015

Initiated by fellow Pune Blogger Kaustav Sen, a self organised meetup was scheduled for yesterday evening at 11, East Street Cafe, in Camp Pune. And it was a nice meeting where I met some very interesting bloggers. Conversations flowed over a pitcher of Peach Ice Tea, and some snacks.

About the fellow Bloggers

Tara Nair, Vikram Karve, Kaustav Sen, Vibhuti Bhandarkar, Rutuja Joshi, Shubhashree Patra, and Aziz were some of the attendees at the event. Tara, Vikram, Rutuja, Vibhuti are creative writers and their blogs are about fiction, mostly. Kaustav is a photoblogger. And true to the agenda mentioned on the event page, the conversations were free flowing and we discussed a lot of things under the sun, from differences between and to Vikram's most thrilling experience during his time in the Navy when they actually sailed through the eye of a cyclone. While I have been surfing the blogosphere reasonably actively for sometime now, I was meeting these guys for the first time, and I am glad I could make it to the Meet and Greet event yesterday.

About the Cafe - 11 East Street Cafe
11 East Street Cafe is on, well, East Street, Camp. The cafe is themed like a high street in London, lined with mock shops along both walls of the entire length of the cafe, with the front of the iconic London Bus jutting out at the entrance of the cafe. The menu is a delight for people who eat meat, and the cafe serves alcohol as well. Good ambience and good food, this cafe is an ideal place for merry chitchat. You can find more details about the Cafe in this Zomato link

Here are some photos from yesterday's event

Illustration - An afternoon without electronic gadgets? Child's play?

I was playing with some of the kids in my society/colony and using some of the pictures clicked during that time, I created this illustration of how, in this modern day, a child's afternoon would be if there would be absolutely no gadgets around?

Here take a look - 

So how do you keep your children weaned away from gadgets? I would definitely like to know!

Postcrossing Round Up #6

This week I received a total of one postcard, and this one was from HongKong.

How was your weekend?

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Postcrossing Round Up #5

Here is this week's round up of my Postcrossing cards -
This came from Delft, Holland

This is from Riga, the capital of Latvia

This is from Russia. Below is the same picture with a vintage photographic effect that I added on my own :)

This is a picture of Mohawk river-barge canal from the US of A

This is the picture of the Town Hall of Coruche, a quaint town near Lisbon, Portugal

This one is from Dusseldorf, Germany

So that's it for this week folks! How was your weekend?