Saturday, May 27, 2017

That moment had come...

I participated in a contest by and one of the tasks to be done to enter the contest was to write something quick in 15 minutes time. And here is the short story I came up with - 

That moment had come. He had given so much of himself to this... It was hard to believe that all his efforts were now coming together.  As he waited with a bated breath, the doctor came to him, and his bundle of joy was in his hands. Scrawny, and tiny. It had all seemed impossible just a some months ago. And then his thoughts veered towards his wife. Although full of life, this was one thing she had been very hopeless about. With a heart full of love and determination, she had turned around quite a few things in his family's life. But this. This had shaken her from within. And he had decided he wouldn't let her get shaken. It had taken days and many nights of consoling and pepping up to get her to the hospital, to face the batteries of tests, the endless hours of waiting in the hospital lobbies.  And finally, it had all come together. This was that golden moment to see the life they had created. Together. Just as he zoned out of these thoughts and zoned back into the baby in his arms, there was hurried activity in the labour room. His stomach tightened, there was no news of her. He had been carried away with the child in his arms. After a number of nurses running in and out, the doctor came out and told him that it was almost over, and his wife wanted to see him.  His heart sank.  Rushing into the room, he saw her lying helplessly. But he wouldn't let The story end this way. He held her hand and whispered in her ears.. "Don't do this,to me, to us, and to the baby. Forever, together, triumphant". And that was the what she needed. That reassurance. She smiled, and her vitality monitors smiled as well. Yet again, he had brought her back on track.  Theirs was love story, unparalleled. Full of opposites, but all the more reason to stick together.

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