Monday, November 28, 2011

End of a chapter. A beginning of what?

A roller coaster of three weeks ended exactly today for me.  It was my father's 60th birthday celebrations on november 16th. And the event was conducted smoothly and successfully. This has been something I have been working up to  for the past five years. And now its over. poof. gone.

I have believed in this quote for a long time now, which says - "I cant change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination."

And this important milestone in my father's life, his 60th has been my destination, my goal so far in life. And I have adjusted quite a few sails on my boat to get to this point. But now, as the fatigue of the event wears off and the emotional excitement of the celebration dies down, reality shines its brilliant light on me.. I am no longer that "gung-ho"-happy go lucky-frail and skinny-not knowing the colour of life after the coming weekend-Vatsi, who set herself this target.  The skies above my head have changed, the waters under my boat have changed. And guess what, God decided to change the people on my boat as well. Hell, yeah. Can you imagine that? You set sail with one set of people, and at the port of call, you find somebody else sitting on your boat.. Trust me, it can be freakingly scary.   

Anyway.. I am happy and very grateful to Almighty for bringing me successfully and safely this far.  Wondering where to go next...