Monday, June 21, 2010

Podcast Workshop on July 4th 2010

As computer science engineers, we deal with the 'cast' (pun intended) system a lot. We have unicast,multicast,telecast,broadcast, overcast,typecast.. oops too many casts to deal with isnt it? Now of late, there is a new 'cast' ;) that is catching on. Its called the "Podcast". It is a word you will commonly hear when, as a commoner, you stand between 4 or 5 comp sci grads. But for the benefit of the muggles (non techies, common people) let me introduce you to the latest 'cast' in our society - Podcast. 

Podcast is a broadcast. Ah, simple thing. But it is done over the internet. So, in simple terms, its an audio clip containing a discussion about a topic that you can listen directly on/ download from the internet. And the beauty is, whenever a new podcast is published, you will get to know about it immediately through the podcast's RSS feed. Cool isnt it? :) And the good thing about this is that you dont need costly equipment to do your own podcast. All you need is an internet connection, a voice recorder, a computer to upload your recording, and something to talk about.

So now coming to the point, Business Blogging is conducting a workshop on Podcasting - where they give you answer to the question - "How to do Podcasting?"

So go ahead and read about it here -