Friday, September 5, 2008

CHROME??? not at all its PLATINUM!!!

Like a lot of other people I was pretty excited about the new browser from Google's stable. And I'm pretty impressed with it too!! They've named it "Chrome" but may be we could call it "Gold" or "Platinum" or may be just "Precious"! I know this is going a little too overboard, but any heavy internet surfer will know the importance of a browser that doesnt crash and that doesnt suffer from memory leaks.

So here I am all excited about this beauty that I affectionately call "Precious" ;)

P.s. I had blogged about Avant being good.... Well it is good even now, but turns out its more a skin over our darling(*sarcastic*) IE.  Avant's  system requirements is IE6.0!!! now how is that???  ok.. my rankings stand thus: 1. Chrome 2.Avant  and everything else is after this.

1 comment:

  1. i wasnt really happy with with chrome.....(though interface is wonderfull!!!) one thing it crowds your task manager when u open new tabs..... also it doesnt handle pdf files very well!!! adn there arent many options to set up secure rowsing! hope they change all this :p
    but true .... i love the interface!!!esp the part where u can extend the text box u are typing in!!!