Monday, December 8, 2008

Professor Lewin

People who have gone through four wonderful years studying under the Anna University, particularly in the self financing colleges will be familiar with the feeling of latent irritation that one goes through when one attends a class hour.  

But all teachers are not as bad or irritating.  Professor Walter Lewin used to teach physics at MIT,USA(I'm not 100 percent sure if he does even now).  His classes will first seem crazy, but at the end of the session, you can actually walk out of class and say "I did grasp something today".  

I have not attended any of these classes in person, but THANKS to MIT's open courseware and youtube, I have been able to view recorded videos of his sessions. 

Here is a video you must watch... These girls here are singing a song for their professor(Prof Lewin) pleading him to pass them in a test.

Watch and enjoy....