Monday, April 12, 2010

What a day@Barcamp chennai

Amazing day today. Lots of sharing of ideas and experiences at

Right now the whole day is racing over and over again in my mind, but I'd like to quickly recapitulate some of the key discussions that did the rounds -

Kaushik Ram spoke about how Javascript can be used effectively even as a serverside scripting language - I'm unable to get the right project name at this moment, but anyway thats for another post

Arvind Sridharan spoke about RangDe, a non profit organization that makes microcredit accessible to every low income household by lowering loan interest rates through innovative means.

Syed from about setting up newer camps like Idea Camp, Rise Camp, Elements 5,etc, which will supplement the event and will foster an collaborative knowledge sharing environment

Dhruva, a legal expert on IPR busted some myths about How one should be aware of one's copyright over the content that one creates. (Hey that sentence is mine, you better not copy it :P) and about How we must assert our copyrights as soon as we discovered a violation so no one gets to lay false claims on original content.

Senthil Nayagam spoke about his ideas on how the audiences could be involved in making movies, by way of online channels in the form of web applications, internet chat applications etc, so the audience gets to see the kind of movies that they actually like to see.

This was followed by an Android Application Development primer and a quick brief about Internet Society Madras 

Himanshu Sheth spoke about "Effective and Efficient Usage of the LinkedIn network".

There are few more things that I want to mention about the barcamp, but thats for another post.


  1. its kausikram not kaushik ram ;)

    the talk was on CommonJS, and narwhal an implementation of the CommonJS standard.



  2. seems to have been interesting..