Thursday, April 4, 2013

Better Tools give Better Productivity

i finally decided to have a proper working setup for my work last December. And as part of that inititative I invested money in a low cost(200 INR) keyboard and a basic minimum costing ergonomic chair.

The keyboard was an Intex Corona keyboard from a local gadget shop here in Pune. And the chair was a basic computer chair, a 3 line office chair costing 2700 INR bought from Pyramid Seating Systems -

The effect on my productivity was seen instantaneously and this has changed a lot of things for me in the last 3-4 months.

So I decided to improve this further and have got a better keyboard - its a Microsoft Keyboard K120 worth 500 INR. And it arrived just now.
The reasons for buying this are two fold -
A) The other keyboard purchase was experimental and hence low cost - and due to that the keys were sort of clicky and the 'b' key stoppped working.
B) Since that experiment succeeded, I decided to go for a proper equipment, as I believe that the trade that gives you your livelihood should be done well with the right kind of tools and it is worth parking money in any endeavour that helps you achieve this.

And this blog post is also to test out the new keyboard - Indeed feather touch, Microsoft is still good with its hardware :) Loving the feather touch after adjusting with low cost keyboard for a long time now. This is the Microsoft K120 keyboard and can be ordered from flipkart here - Microsoft Keyboard K120

Here's to more productivity and to more blogging.