Thursday, July 16, 2015

Can you do better than working from home?

I was blog-hopping last night when I came across this article by noted blogger from Indian blogosphere - Shailaja Vishwanath's blog - Diary of a Doting Mom: 5 Tips for Working from Home
And this set me thinking. I have worked from home for a significant part of my work career, and although I dont have children to take care of yet, home management responsibilities are no less irrespective of whether you have a child at home or not.

So I could totally identify with the points mentioned in the post above. And if you can earn your bread from the cozy confines of your home without a compromise to your commitment to home responsibilities, what better would you need in life? While all this seems rosy, every person who works from home, also realises that many a times, whether you like it or not and even if you dont want to do so, you end up switching context in your mind between work and home far too many times than you would like, and work on either one side suffers simply because you cant concentrate enough.

So what do you do in such situations? Can you do better than working from home? So far there was not much of an alternative for such cases. But with technology touching every aspect of life today, could there be an option for you, atleast for those specific days, where you just need those 2 or 3 hours where you can totally zone out of home mode and push out your deliverables? Enter BreathingRoom.

BreathingRoom is a service that enables you to avail of workspaces around your locality by the hour. They aggregate and tie up with organizations who are willing to let you use their space for a fee at a nominal cost. Using a simple, light and easy-to-use mobile app, BreathingRoom helps you find places at locations of your choice, with the USP being that you can pick spaces based on the amenities you want - Whiteboard/No whiteboard, wifi/No wifi, Food/No food, etc.  Payment is seamless, and your booking is done within 5 minutes of starting to look for a place. And all venues are verified and screened before they find their way into the listing you see, so there is very little gap in the experience that is mentioned on the listing and what you get on the ground.

The icing on the cake of this service is that there are certain listings that BreathingRoom calls as OpenSpaces - the bookings for such spaces do not cost you anything. Just check the availability, fix your time slot, confirm and done!

I had tried out this service twice - Once at an OpenSpace at One-O-Eight Cafe in Koregaon Park, Pune, and another a FeaturedSpace at DooThings, Viman Nagar, Pune. Both experiences were a breeze, and really productive, I got done with writing my Ramayana articles on both occassions.

Go try out a BreathingRoom today, for those times when you need to do better than working from home!