Thursday, July 10, 2008


May your image always stay before my eyes
Oh! the husband of Rakhumani
Sweet is thy face,
Sweet is thy name
Fills me with love at all times
My Panduranga grant me this boon.....That you'll remain in my heart
Says Tuka, I ask for nothing else

All joy lies at your feet

Says Vatsala, this abhang of Tukaram haunts this self
May the haunt continue forever


  1. Edhuvum puriyala, except for the fact that it was spiritual.

  2. Sundar, I guess this is some high-end spiritualism. As we would say, ENISP.

  3. Vatsala

    the others are boring. I only liked this as it was short and said by Tuka of old. But I will take another look when time permits. the grasshopper and ant cannot be dismissed but I feel that there is a parody here. good luck with the blog.