Wednesday, July 16, 2008

No Fire in the Firefox!!!

When I first started using firefox browser last year, I was all excited about it. It satisfied two of my fundamental needs: 1. To be able to load pages quickly and 2. To be able to browse 6 to 7 websites at one time and having only one window open.

Then firefox3.0 happened. But the latest version has not been so good. All that Mr.browser has to say is error in loading page, try again. Mr.Browser cant even load Google!!!!!

So when I went back to browser hunting, I stumbled on one called Avant. I must tell you this browser is beautiful!!! I discovered that this browser has a whole lot of things that would make any heavy internet user go 'gaga' over it. The striking thing about this is that it is able to block the unwanted Flash Animations, Pictures, Sounds, and Videos which can save you up to 95% of your bandwidth. And its got a good collection of skins for those who love playing with colour. And it has the tabbed browsing too in addition to a set of mouse gestures!!!

A perfect Firefox alternative is finally here, I guess.


  1. Firefox 3 is actually good. Anyway, why don't you try 'Flock' browser? Its brilliant !

  2. i love firefox! I used avant, i wasnt very pleased actually..removed it after a week...firefox is pretty good considering you make use of the addons for more functionality.. and since its open source u can make your own add-on too :)