Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The business of bashing one another

Bashing one another is a common practice in the political arena. But I am beginning observe more such practices of bashing. In the software world, the windows and Linux bashing is as normal as the sunrise every day. But did you also know that bashing at an intense level goes on in other areas as well. For instance, I see that PHP Vs. Ruby bashing has its own strong support groups. And among the IDEs Eclipse vs. Netbeans debate bashing seems to be very strong. I guess objectivity is long lost, literally. A person who is new and wants to know the basic plus and minus of competing technologies/programming languages/programming tools, would be at a total loss to come to any conclusion.

I am not against the act of expressing one's opinions, in the form of a debate or whatever. But what I am seeing is that people end up expressing more of their emotions and forget what they intended to say in the first place.

Personally, I find all this "my IDE is better than yours" argument totally juvenile.

 And I have not tried to head over to look at discussions on other things. I wonder how people fare at that.