Saturday, September 12, 2009

You realise

You realise what life is when you wait for 170 token numbers to pass by, over a span of 2 hrs and more.
You realize just then that you have no one to talk to.
You realize how much even your legs betray you, refusing to let u stand.
You realize some people go over to the counter just to block it for the next 45 minutes submitting a multitude of application form fees to process.
You realize that the stout man at the counter has been relentlessly tapping away at his keyboard for the last hour and half.
You realize that you have the ability to realize so many things.

You realize that the bank has an LCD tv thats meant to be kept turned off and an LED board thats meant to display "home loans" and "personal loans" alternately and meaninglessly.
That some men dont mind wearing bright red chappals for cream colored three-fourths and sky blue t shirts.
That the Voltas Vertis AC is supposed to blow 16 deg. cold air at 29 degrees.
That the bank also has an oil on canvas of a setting sun to remind you of the time you will leave no matter when you come.
That there are still 24 token numbers to go in the queue, before it is your chance with the stout man, and there's no poetry left.

Ah, what all the mind does in a state of joblessness.