Saturday, November 25, 2017

Confused. Lost. Clueless.

Lost. Puzzled. Confused. Clueless. These are some of the words that describe my state of mind today. So far in the many years of existence, time and again life throws me into this spot where I have no clue how to respond or what to react to the scenario, where I feel like I am engulfed in pitch black darkness, with no idea of what to do at all - to breathe or not to breathe, to move my limbs or to shake my head. With much effort I put pieces together and break that spot, only to find myself in another spot of cluelessness of higher complexity. 

Totally tired of fighting this constant sense of darkness. Searching for that guiding light, guiding energy of my life. This post may not be of much meaning to the readers of this blog, but this is the only space where I can put this out. So bear with me and if you can, pray for me.

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