Sunday, December 3, 2017

Let there be light

Anyone who has studied Mathematics or any other subject that inculcates deep problem solving techniques will know that most of the times, the way to find a solution to a problem is to define the problem statement very clearly and very precisely.

After reading my previous post about clueless helplessness, I received quite a lot of warm wishes from some good close friends, who were a bit taken aback by the gravity of the words used. I am happy to share that the outpouring(so to say) in the previous post fulfilled its purpose - helped me spell out my problem statement very clearly there by putting the focus light of my attention to solution.  The whole of last week I have been actively working to fix multiple items that have been constantly pushing me into a state of anxiety. Hope to see the benefits of the same soon.

Sharing here a picture of the Karthigai festival celebrations at my home today.

Inspite of having a child who is at an age where he needs constant attention, I was able to have a decent celebration after a series of flopped festival celebrations. The confidence and enthusiasm levels are quite a bit up compared to last week. Here's to a power packed December - and here's to getting things done and progressing in life no matter what impediments come my way. Lighting these lamps diligently has had a very soothing effect on my soul - I discovered this last year when we were thrown back to pre-electricity era for 15 days after the Vardah cyclone struck, and like the olden days we only had these oil lamps for illumination. Lamps do illuminate you from the inside - do try it out. Light a lamp every day - need not be in front of an idol if you sail on the atheism boat - see the transformation happen slowly but steadily.

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