Saturday, May 26, 2018

His Loving Gaze

From a very young age I have been known to be a poised person, not one to be taken over by impulse. But post delivering my son 15 months ago, my hormones have been raging like that of a teenager. And there are no words to describe how it is to feel like a 17 year old in a 31 year old physical form - where you have to 'adult' (verb form usage mean act like an adult) with people around you, especially your spouse who is super-adulting due to his corporate work environment where he spends close to 10 hours a day. 'Frustrating' describes this situation rather mildly.

Nevertheless, like it or not, one needs to deal with 'it' as you have mouths(and hungry stomachs) to feed, and a baby to be taken care of  which necessitates the need for atleast some amount of stable mind and rational thinking.  And the only way to do that is to channelise the surplus swinging temperament into something creative. So here is a poem I wrote recently -

His Loving Gaze

His loving gaze
That melts you from inside
That warms your heart
That fills you with hope and strength
That reassures you that He is there for you
That makes sure you are protected. Always.
That sometimes turns into "I told you to listen to me" look
That traces your curves as you do your morning stretch
That turns away when you turn and look for it
That you have learnt to sense from your heart
That you want to enjoy eye to eye
That is cast upon you only exactly when you look away
That, by now, you have learnt to enjoy through the corner of your eye
That is as warm as his embrace
His Loving Gaze, His Loving Grace

When reading the above please read every line to begin with the phrase 'His loving gaze'

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