Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Winds of Change

Winds of change blowing strong
I know not how and what will go wrong

Is this a passing phase? my mind asks
Why do you fear? my friend asks

I wish I could hide
Like a snail would in its shell
Until changes the tide
And time gets well

Should I let go?
Should I hold on strong?
Multitude of these questions
Continue to throng

My brain's going wild
My mind's eternally a child
In between these two
Very poor is my plight

Shall I Move away
To places unseen
For only when there is dust
Is a beam of sun light seen.

But Change is Constant
Constant is Change
If this is reality
Why is it so strange?

This is dedicated to Divya aka Kutti Pisasu, who (like me) is feeling topsy turvy about everything around her.