Thursday, June 18, 2009

The mess that was

In my attempts to try something very adventurous, I messed up my entire cakephp installation yesterday. It would refuse to read from the db, it would display a form, but would refuse to store the data in the DB, it would partially update the DB and such stuff. Cranky kid.

But today i fixed it. How? I reinstalled the whole thing :D Not that i wanted to escape from finding the real cause of the mess I created, its just that I am in a great hurry to finish up this application as soon as possible. But generally mistakes  I made are these:- 1) I interconnected controllers and models, where cake likes to keep connected one -to-one
2) I created my own routes by which the application should parse the request url, which confused cake like mad.

So I have managed to add data, read the data from the db. Now I start work on the login and registration part.

So long.