Friday, June 19, 2009

View status msg videos in gmail inbox

I havent noticed this before, but today something was different in my inbox.... Nothing that changed significantly, but just that the reply button looks shinier now, is it because of my theme I wonder... may be it is so for other people as well, you guys have to tell me through your comments...

Ok, wait. I am literally ranting now.

What I wanted to put down in htis post was, Today one status message was getting displayed with a difference. Usually, my routine when i turn on the computer goes this way - I turn on the computer. I click on firefox twice, just to see which of the two instances loads b4 the other. and then I heard straight to and then i sign in and then i try to read the deluge of emails that have piled up. and then i gape at the various green buttons and red buttons in the chat area. i hover over each and read the status messages (trust me, some of them are absolutely ridiculous) and spend sometime trying to predict which of these will turn orange in the next 30 seconds. and generally wait for some green button to come up with which i can do a conversation less conversation..which ultimately never happens. and i get back to my game of prediction....

today as i was going through this step for the first time, one of my green buttons put up a link to a youtube video. i hovered over it and it said - Play: What is a browser? with a blue html link like color. I click on it for something miraculous to happen, and voila. the video plays in my gmail inbox in a little chat window. I know we can view videos of the links sent as part of chat msgs. But i dint know that this worked for status msgs as well.

Does everyone else know it already??

Btw, here is the video that i was talking about - Nice one I must say.

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