Friday, June 19, 2009

TGIF - Thank God Its Friday

As I had said earlier, today I was to be part of a puppet show. and we did manage to do something out of it. Thankfully my sister consented to provide us with background score with the harmonium. So with the confidence that we could cover up all our goofs in the din of the harmonium, we started our show. After a bumpy start ( I swallowed three words in the invocation song), we started talking, and things flowed the way they should. I goofed up just once in the middle, where i gave an unwarranted long pause - my mind just went blank, i was watching the green buttons flickering in the mic amplifier - things were pretty ok. only thing was we had the script written out on sheets of paper (to prompt ourselves), which flew onto our faces 5 mins into the show. and we were left to our own to take the conversation forward. and we finished it, with very little deviation.
We used stick puppets.  I will try to post the pictures somewhere on the internet, all those interested can google for it. :D.

After the show, i was breathless for a while, and my voice went hoarse when i managed to speak.

So D day is over. and the show is over as well. and as i recount the day now, i am glad that the show is over. but my mind is tempted to venture into string puppets/marionets the next time. Ah, such are the fancies of my mind.